Wednesday, April 6, 2016

National Polio Vaccination Campaign: Photo Gallery

From 20 to 22 February 2016 UNICEF and WHO supported the Ministry of Health to conduct a national polio vaccination campaign in all 330 townships of Myanmar, targeting around 4.6 million children from all over the country.  Here some of the pictures from the massive campaign.

The Polio campaign reached out to every corner of Myanmar. Chin authorities and UNICEF launched the campaign together.
©UNICEF Myanmar/2016/Daniele Romeo

8 month old Htoi San Pan received a complete dose of Polio vaccine that will protect her from the harmful disease. Htoi San was born in this IDP camp in Bahmo Township, where her mother arrived more than 2 years ago running from the civil conflict that affected her village and has displaced than 100,000 people over the last 4 years.
A total of 157,692 children were vaccinated in Kachin State from 20 to 22 February, including in IDP camps, border and armed conflict areas in a joint effort led by the Health authorities with UNICEF support.
©UNICEF Myanmar/2016/Cesar Villar

Health staff went from door-to-door to vaccinate all children under five years old across Rakhine State, where two polio cases were reported in 2015.
Across the country, the polio campaign reached over 4 million children.
©UNICEF Myanmar/2016/Thiha Htun

The Department of Public Health and Wa Health Department conducted the polio vaccination campaign together in Wa Special Region 2.  More than 100,000 children were vaccinated.
©UNICEF Myanmar/2016

4 year old Treza proudly shows her left little finger which has been marked after receiving a complete dose of Polio vaccine in Baw La Khe, Kayah State.
©UNICEF Myanmar/2016/Khine Zar Mon

Thousands of children were vaccinated against polio in Kayah State.
©UNICEF Myanmar/2016/Khine Zar Mon

Congratulations to all the midwives and other health staff across the country who were frontline workers in vaccinating and protecting about 4.6 million under-five children from Polio. They travelled near and far to reach the vaccination posts for the National Polio Immunization Campaign.
©UNICEF Myanmar/2016/Khine Zar Mon

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